We enable our University to access and use the information universe for the creation, application and communication of knowledge.


The University of Sheffield Library is a world class, dynamic research library inspiring intellectual discovery and learning, and the creation of new knowledge within the complex information universe. We offer engaging experiences with people and content that enrich the University’s learning and research communities in both physical and digital spaces. We connect with the city and the region, and through our networks, advance global scholarship.


Our new Strategic Plan bravely projects a model of the University of Sheffield Library in 2021; our services, content and collections, spaces and digital capabilities. The primary purpose and enduring value of a research library is to enable intellectual discovery. It is difficult to predict the far horizon and what will take place in an increasingly digital and complex information universe. Uncertainty and change have become the constants in our global higher education and information environments. It is reassuring when looking to the Library’s previous plan, Library Everywhere, to see the successful outcomes from the strategic directions set five years ago.


Our Library. Our Information Future has been selected as the title of the Library’s next Strategic Plan. The six strategic themes present a view of a world-class research library for the next five years that advances the University of Sheffield’s Mission, Vision and Identity and will be realised through achieving the high level objectives outlined.


ANNE HORN, Director of Library Services & University Librarian

Our Strategic Themes.

Student Learning and Success

The Library’s place is at the centre of the student learning experience. Find out more…

The Open Library

The Library embodies the essence of a civic university, with a long-held tradition of sharing expertise and building relationships with people and engaging with the wider community. Find out more…

Research Excellence and Impact

The University’s research has a global reputation which is strengthened by a world class research library that continues to be more distributed and well connected. Find out more…

Strategic Partners

Effective and authentic collaboration through partnerships is fundamental to the Library’s success. Find out more…

Our Content and Collections

Our students, staff and researchers learn and work, innovate and create within the complex information universe. Find out more…

The Future Organisation

The University of Sheffield Library, its people and culture embrace the University’s vision and identity. Find out more…


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