Think Pacifica could help you to manage your stress and live happier

With the start of the new term at university, I along with (I’m sure) many other students are starting to feel the pressure of having to step up our game. Whether this is from sixth form to uni, first to second year or third or fourth and beyond. There are more expectations on us than ever. This inevitably impacts on many student’s mental health and wellbeing. There are steps we can take to mitigate this effect, and to excel in our studies without it being at the cost of our health. One app that I have been using for around six months now helps me to handle my mental health and wellbeing in a pragmatic way, through self-monitoring, meditation and peer support.

Think Pacifica was developed as a “self-help app for anxiety” rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy combined with relaxation and wellness techniques. Cognitive behavioural therapy aims to work through “identifying, understanding, and changing thinking and behavior patterns”. The idea is that with Think Pacifica the user will be able to become more aware of patterns of behaviour that help or hinder their wellness, and change these behaviours and thought patterns to feel better, reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Screen shot of appAvailable on IOS, Android and Web.

Price: Free, or $5.99 monthly for premium 

Features: Mood Tracking, Relaxation Techniques, Thought diary, Health Tracker, Daily Goals and Mood history  

Best bits: The Mood and Health Trackers are indispensable for recognising what makes you happy and what makes you feel not great. The mood history feature offers you a broad overview of how you’ve been feeling recently which would be useful to show to a GP if you felt you wanted to access help.

The Health Tracker allows you to alter what is ‘healthy’ for you, and remove or add options such as relationship, pets or food. It’s totally customisable- and it celebrates you with a level up when you’ve had a good day!

Peer support: the groups (not available on the desktop version) are a great place to anonymously vent or even support other people who’re going through something you can relate to.

Relax: These free features include soundscapes for relaxation, guided deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. If you decide to pay there are specific meditations available

Screen shot of think pacifica Screen shot of think pacifica Screen shot of think pacifica Screen shot of think pacifica

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