Organising your time – iOS Calendar for apple devices


  • Create events
  • Reminders
  • Sync with other calendars (e.g. Google, Outlook) and receive alerts from these Calendars.
  • Colour coordinate different Calendars

As the Google Calendar app is only available in iPhone format, and the app looks so clunky when opening in this format on iPad, I use the built in Calendar on iPad and sync over my Outlook and Google calendars to access and view them all in one place.

My Outlook (personal email) Calendar, for example, includes notifications of Ebay orders arriving, flight tickets and non-academic meeting details which automatically sync over to my iPad including notifications. My Google Calendar contains all academic timetables, meetings and events.

To sync your calendars onto this app you will need to access settings>accounts>add account on your IOS device. Enter your email addresses and passwords and make sure that the ‘calendars’ are activated for sync. Then when you go back into the Calendar app you can choose to display one, multiple or no external calendars. I always prefer to display all calendars and just colour code separate calendars so everything is clear. You can do this by pressing calendars then the info button to the right of each calendar on the list.


Screen shot of iOS calendar

The downfall of syncing calendars in this way is that, although reminders and alerts are synced, my specific colour coding formatted through Google Calendar doesn’t carry through. For me this isn’t a problem, however, as I use this app solely to push notifications through to my iPad. You can, of course go through and manually re-colour code each event, or if you’re using this calendar as a stand-alone and not to sync other calendars then of course you can colour code this one how you wish to begin with.

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