Stop procrastinating with the help of Cold Turkey

Who might this app be useful for?: Anyone who struggles to focus, is a champion procrastinator, or has a deadline or exam soon that they are avoiding.

What study skills challenges can this app help you overcome?: Low focus or motivation, procrastination.

What is the tool or study skills strategy?: Block websites and programmes that you would usually use to procrastinate.

Available on MacOS, Windows and Android

A lot of students with an SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) find that getting their academic work can take longer than their peers, often because reading, writing or processing information can take more effort and concentration than people who do not have the associated difficulties with an SpLD. This can be compounded when you have a propensity to procrastinate too, or if you avoid work when it provokes anxiety.

Cold Turkey is a desktop app that prevents you from accessing certain websites for a specific time period, meaning that when you absent-mindedly type ‘facebook’ into your task bar for the fifth time that hour, you instead find yourself faced with a block and motivational quote, reminding you to get back to work. I personally find that tackling academic anxiety, boredom or lack of motivation head on by setting Cold Turkey for a specific time period (and with scheduled breaks) helps me to focus better and feel more motivated, as I know there is always a specific end time in sight.

While Cold Turkey may be useful for students who experience difficulties associated with an SpLD it is not only aimed at them, however, and may be useful for any and all students that struggle with procrastination. I have been using this app since 2 years before I was diagnosed or even considered that I had Dyspraxia, and was introduced to it online as a general tool for people who struggle to remain focussed.


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