Phone Blocking apps: BlackList for iOS- Productivity series, part 3.

Who might this blog post be useful for?: Anyone that spends too much time on their phone/tablet.

What study skills challenges can this app help you overcome?: Poor concentration, procrastination, high distractibility.

What is the tool or study skills strategy?: Phone blocking apps to prevent you using apps you should not be using (for example while you are meant to be studying).

screen shot of the blacklist welcome page. Text reads 'Block distracting websites and stay focused.'

Blacklist for iOS

Features: Blocks websites on Safari.

This app can’t block other apps but can block websites on safari. For me that wouldn’t be much use as I use firefox as my main browser, but for people who do this might be helpful. It has an extremely simple interface and is pretty aesthetically pleasing. However on the free version you can only block three websites, to unlock more its a one time fee of £5.99. Three might still be enough though if you just want to remove your main social media websites as distractions. To set it up, follow the prompts to enable content blockers for safari and notifications for the app (to tell you when time’s up). Then go into the app and type in the three web adresses you want to block and set your timer! This kind of app might also be useful for parents concerned with online safety.

screen shot of blacklist. Text reads 'enable content blocker' with instructions below. screen shot of blacklist. Dialogue box requesting permission to send notifications.

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