Sensus Access – create accessible formats

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Occasionally students will come across text that cannot be copied and pasted or read aloud by screen reader software. These are called inaccessible documents as the text cannot be edited. Sensus Access can be used to convert inaccessible documents, such as image-only PDF files, into accessible formats, which include Word documents.

How to create an accessible format using Sensus Access

1.Open up the following web page –
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
3. Click on the ‘File’ button then ‘Choose files’. Once you’ve selected what file you’d like to upload click on the ‘Upload’ button. Alternatively, you can select ‘URL’ to upload the text from a website or the ‘Text’ button if you’d like to type in your own text.

Screen shot Sensus Access

4. Select the ‘Accessability conversion’ button.

Screen shot Sensus Access stage 2

5. Select the type of file type that you would like the document to be turned into.

Screen shot of conversion box
6. Now enter your email address. Once the file is ready Sensus Access will email this to you.

Screenshot Sensus Access stage 4

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