ClaroRead Speak – the options for highlighting text as it’s read aloud

When having text read back, it will be highlighted in your document using colours. In the highlight tab you can set the colour and method of highlighting.

In the Highlight section, you have the option to highlight by Word, Word Trail, Sentence and Paragraph. This determines how your text will be highlighted.

four options

Please note: You will only be able to choose one of those options.

Here is a screenshot of the ‘Highlight Word’ option. The word being spoken aloud is the only one highlighted.


Here is a screenshot of the ‘Highlight Sentence’ option. The entire sentence that is currently being spoken aloud is highlighted.


Here is a screenshot of the ‘Word trail’ option. Claro gradually highlights the whole sentence, word by word, leaving the previously read
words still highlighted.

Here is a screenshot of the ‘Highlight by paragraph option, which highlights the entire current paragraph:


The option to ‘Focus Sentence’ can be used in addition to the other four methods just mentioned.

focus sentence

This feature will grey out the rest of your document while your current sentence is being read out.
Here is a screenshot of a highlighted sentence with the ‘Focus sentence’ feature enabled:


To enable a feature, simply click the tick box. tick box

If you would like to change the colour of the text when it is being read back, click on the Foreground button.

foreground button

You will then be presented with the Colour window, where you can select a colour of your choice.

colour window

If you are unable to find your desired colour, click on the Select another colour button. You will then be presented with an additional colour window, with more colours to choose from.

additional colour window

If you wish to change the background colour, click the Background button.

background button

You will then be presented with the Select colour window, from which you can make a selection.

colour window

If you do not wish to have a background colour, click on the No Background tick box.

no background

When you have completed the changes to the highlight colours, you will be able to see an example of this in the Highlight Example box.

example box

When you have completed editing the advanced settings, click back to go to general settings. If you would like to close the settings and save your changes, click the OK button. If you would not like to save your changes, click the Cancel button.

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