ClaroView screen tinting software

ClaroView, is the screen tinting package that is available on campus via the networked PCs.

  1. After downloading the software from the software centre click on the ClaroView icon (The customer services staff in each library can show you how to download the software).

ClaroView logo





2.To access the full section of colours, click on the arrow buttons on the third row of the squares. Once you have chosen your colour, to change its opacity drag the button up and down the white oblong bar, which at the side of the squares of colour. When you are happy with the tint click on the green circle.









Read and Write also provides a screen tinting tool, which is called ‘screen masking’. Read and Write is available on the assistive PCs that are available across all library sites. The video below explains how to use this feature.

What other packages are there?

There are also number of free screen tinting packages that students can use on their own machines. These include:

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