ClaroRead: making documents easier to read

ClaroRead, which is available via the software centre on all networked PCs, has a number of features that can make documents easier to digest. The ‘Spacing’ button is one of these features as it can quickly change the character, line or paragraph spacing when working in Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer. Having more space on the page can increase an individuals reading speed and prevent them from skipping lines when they’re reading.

Further information about the spacing feature is available in the video below. Specific instructions on how to access the software on a networked PC are below.


Help guide

1.Click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen, then select ClaroRead Pro

Screen shot of start menu












2.Once the tool bar appears click on the settings button





3.Then select the view tab, followed by the spacing button, then click on ok.

Screenshot of view and spacing buttons









4.To change the spacing of a document in Microsoft Word or in Internet Explorer click on the relevant button from the dropdown box.

Screenshot spacing button final stage







Clicking on the Change Character Spacing button will expand the spacing by 1 point, then 2 points, and then 3 points. If clicked again it will return to normal spacing.

Clicking on the Change Line Spacing will change the line spacing from 1 line, to 1.5 lines, to 2 lines, and then back to 1 line. This example shows line spacing set at 2 lines, and character spacing at 3 points.

Clicking on the Change Paragraph Spacing changes the number of points (space) after the end of each paragraph to either zero points, 6 points, 12, 18, 24 points, and then back to zero points.

Clicking on the Change Text Width changes the width of the text or creates columns, making it easier to read each line.

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