How to get your printing costs re-imbursed by DSA

Don’t forget to request your printing costs back at the end of the year!

Instead of going through your printing credit history and painstakingly adding up a multitude of 5ps (which I have been known to do in the past you can request an invoice from the University Library to send off to DSA.

To request an invoice follow the instructions below and contact the library at:

“How do I reclaim my expenses?

Contact the library with details of the period for which you would like to reclaim your expenses and we will provide you with a letter to send to your funding body. If you have used both a charge card and your UCard for photocopying, the letter will confirm the total amount you have spent.”

For me, the period I need an invoice for is from 16/8/16- 25/7/17. I emailed to request this invoice and received a reply the following day. Now I know the amount, I can print and fill in the DSA claims form pictured below. Any other costs incurred this academic year approved by your DSA Entitlement Letter can also be included on this form. Do not include any items directly invoiced to DSA.

screenshot of DSA claims form for reimbursement

Instructions on how to top up your printing account and reclaim expenses for students with additional support requirements can be found on the library website.

More information about using the library as a student with additional support requirements.

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